Flying Ferrari F40

Last week, we decided to give a striking and spectacular tribute to one of the star cars of our collection: the Ferrari F40.

Our car, which had already been featured in Enzo Magazine, Petrolicious and on French TV channel TF1 was once again the talk of the town. Why? We decided to literally hoist our Ferrari F40 on the roof of 52 Quai Rambaud in Lyon, the sublime curved building designed by Rudy Ricciotti.

We invite you to hold your breath while watching this short film of the ascent made by Maxence Massaro, who also immortalised the moment in a few shots.

Celebration of the Ferrari F40 by Collection ANNA LISA

We wanted to pay tribute to this exceptional car through a party celebrating both the 30th anniversary of our car born in 1991 and a new stage in its life. This unique moment was filmed by French TV show “M6 Turbo” and will be broadcast on November 28th.

What looked like the unofficial pre-opening of Epoqu’Auto car show brought together collectors, journalists and car lovers. Twenty art photos of our Ferrari F40 signed by the photographer Rémi Dargegen were also unveiled to the public for the first time that night.

Although our car’s ascent to heaven has not added a single kilometre to its odometer – it still has less than 1,300 kms on the clock – it will certainly remain its most extraordinary lifetime event ever.

Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-1
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-2
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-4
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-5
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-8
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-9
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-15
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP-18
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP
Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40-ROOFTOP

Behind the scenes of the shooting…
See you on 28 th of November on Turbo!

Dominique Chapatte and his tv crew came to visit ANNA LISA Art On Wheels Collection…  On top of the Ferrari F40’s ascent , the M6 Turbo broadcast will include an interview of Patrick Duvarry, the owner of ANNA LISA Art On Wheels Collection. M6 Turbo will unveil highlights of the motorcars that will be offered for sale by Aguttes Auction House on the 12th of December.

Collection Anna Lisa Ferrari F40